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Trends in hip hop jewelry change almost every day. Sometimes, however, trends come along and stick around for a while. Spinner necklaces and the like are just the beginning. These days, the hottest 'bling' going around are custom grillz, or gold teeth. Enhanced by the popularity of rappers like Lil Jon and Paul Wall, grillz are custom pairs of gold, silver, or platinum teeth that are encrusted with diamonds or other gemstones.

For fans of hip hop who want to get their own grill or set of gold teeth, there are low-cost solutions out there. Of course, if you want the real thing like Paul Wall wears, you will be spending a pretty penny. However, you can find grillz made of plated rhodium and cubic zirconia that can fit any budget. Here are a few pointers on what to look for from different types of grillz.

Gold Teeth & Grillz - Gold grillz can be found online from many vendors. The key to buying the right set is in the construction. Remember, this jewelry will be in your mouth, so you want to be sure that it is made correctly. Bling isn't that cool when it is in the form of a loose stone stuck in your throat. Many gold grillz are one size fits all, so be sure that you find a pair like this if you have an irregular set of teeth or gums. Also, for genuine gold, double check the carat rating and whether they are solid or plated. The price should tell you but some sellers are not clear enough.

Diamond Grillz - One thing matters above anything else when it comes to diamond grillz, and that is the setting of the stones. Like mentioned above, these pieces will be in your mouth. If you have a poorly set stone, you risk the chance of it falling out while wearing your grill. This could cause you to chip your tooth, or worse, choke on the stone. Since these will be in your mouth, you do not need to find the highest quality stones for your grill. You can save a bunch of money by getting lower quality diamonds.

Hip Hop Grillz - Many rappers have their own signature grillz. You can find replicas of these specific styles on many websites. Some will be named after rappers, but will not be replicas of the ones that the rapper wears. Be sure you double check and pictures that you have of what you want to make a perfect match.

To find the best places for grillz or gold teeth online, use the major search engines and search away. You will find plenty of results that offer you a wide variety of choices.

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